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Mobizen is the most complete app in case you need to record all that happens in the screen of your device with the best features and with the least of trouble, since it has all the features you can think about with a very easy-to-use display.

The best of Mobizen is all the settings you can adjust when using it. Firstly, the available resolution, quality and FPS allows you to chose the ones that fits your needs so you ranging from 1080p to 240p and from 60 fps to 5 fps. Secondly, it has available a Clean Recording Mode that hides the Air Circle, watermark, timer, face cam and touch points so you video will be crystal clear! In addition, it allows you to record the internal audio of the device or even add your own personal watermark.

This app is a powerful tool for vídeo recording with the best features that allows you to get your screen recorded just as you want it.

Using Mobizen is very easy, not only because of the vídeo tutorials available for all users but also because of the simplicity of the app with just three buttons: Record, Library and Settings!

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*laughing emoji laughing emoji laughing emoji* 8 months ago

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only true comment i saw today lmao

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Demon Wølfie 3 months ago

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Look, It's her own comment...if it's bad for her then she'll say it is...You ppl are rude af

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8 months ago

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Pixel 8 months ago

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hey Crystal moon your the fucker here

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Pixel 8 months ago

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hey Crystal moon your the fucker here

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fox 9 months ago

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your right I keep trying to use this but the one that is samusm

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Good App Guaranteed!

Good App Guaranteed!

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